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Nobody was hurt in the incident but I recall some members of the Warrendale Gang went after them but don't know if they caught them or not.

I lived on Inglis right at the end of Patton Park and remember the Highway Men well.

My mother never allowed me to got to Patton Park after dark because of the possibility that "they" might show up and cause trouble.

I lived three blocks from Veron Hwy, right by Springwells and there was a Pool Hall between Inglis and Springwells on Vernor and there were always rumors of gangs showing up there.

I knew a few of the members of the "Warrendale Gang" but was not one of their members.

I grew up on the west side of Rouge Park and they were from the east side of the park.

Sorry can't remember the name of the Pool Hall or the other gangs.

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The Stilettos were on the other side, closer to Downtown, near Tiger Stadium on Trumbull.

Some of them hung out at Daly's on Warren and I was there one time when the Stilleto's hit the place.

One of the big windows I was sitting near came crashing in from something they threw at it, maybe a beer bottle.

I hope you will express in your website the need for people to understand that those gang members were all sad, troubled kids that had no other way of expressing their frustrations and anger at the home lifes they had and were to trying to escape the reality of it.

They were young kids who needed something to fill the void in their lives.

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