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While such requests may be well-intentioned, psychologists need to carefully balance the disclosure with their ethical obligations to protect their patients' confidentiality.

To help prevent confidentiality problems, psychologists can: "If you wait and nothing bad happens, you've still violated the law," he says.

IFly is the largest online resource for getting through and between commercial airports.

Specifically known as a pop culture guru, Rachel was one of the original success stories to have made it big south of the border.

That same year she played a role in the Photo cred - & IMDBWinning the nation-wide VJ search contest, the quirky Bradford How became a host on the channel in the year 2000.

Known for his hyper energy and crazy antics, he seemed more like a comedian than a VJ (we mean that in the best sense possible).

Master T played a spy whose briefcase which carried the heart and soul of the station kept getting stolen by a thief (his fellow cameraman Gord Mc Watters).

He also convinced City TV founder Moses Znaimer to move the Much headquarters from the east end to 299 Queen Street West via a rap video he produced.

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