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The most notable aspect of repairs that took place at the traditional tomb of Christ in October—the first look inside the tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre since at least the year 1555—is that the workmen found just what they expected.The badly-in-need-of-repair marble edicule that surrounded the tomb was stripped down to the limestone platform where the body of Jesus was believed to have been laid after his crucifixion.Although most of the main cities of the Philistines have been excavated, there is still a lot of important information that has eluded scholars.But that may change with the new information gleaned from these burials.Some of the secrets of the Philistines, the nemesis of the ancient Israelites, are expected to be revealed as archaeologists study remains excavated from a cemetery at Ashkelon.

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They also found a stone toilet that was never used, which had been placed in the holy of holies, apparently to desecrate it.

They attributed both discoveries to the religious reforms under King Hezekiah, described in 2 Kings 18:4.

Archaeological discoveries announced in 2016 help us better understand the Bible and the biblical world, and affirm the Bible’s details about events and people.

Below are the top findings from the important excavations taking place in the lands of the Bible or that have a biblical connection.

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